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BMC SCHOOL-BUDAPEST (BMCS) together with the University of Debrecen provides students interested in medical studies (medicine, dentistry, pharmacy) an international opportunity in Preparation for the entrance examination and University studies.

While preparing students for medical education in an internationally recognized University in Hungary, students will get used to living abroad.

Developing the skills necessary for the University studies and improving student’s language skills is basic in our school. Furthermore, BMC SCHOOL-BUDAPEST provides assistance with applications to different Universities in the region and guidance to apply for the Stipendium Hungaricum scholarships.

BMC SCHOOL-BUDAPEST is currently preparing dedicated applicants for medical, dental and pharmacy programs under the supervision of the University of Debrecen. Upon a successful final exam you may be offered direct admission to the University of Debrecen, and/or the BMC School organizes additional entrance exams to other medical universities.


Who We Are?

BMC SCHOOL is a group of professionals that assist and guide students who require additional instruction or review in the premedical subjects and in English language on the right track to becoming a University student of the Medical Universities.

The course is organized under the supervision of the University of Debrecen. Knowing the challenges that students may go through, we are here to guide students seeking a Medical, Dental or Pharmacy degree through every step of the way.


Mission Statement

The career of medicine is a prestigious one, full of challenges, great job satisfaction and infinite rewards. The limited seats available, the yearly increasing competition and rising expenses of the medical programs create a serious challenge to a large number of talented students. BMC SCHOOL-BUDAPEST solves these problems and provides such students an exceptional chance to follow their dreams and achieve their goals as well. Together with the University of Debrecen, we offer students the route to successful preparation for the entrance examination and University studies.

Our supreme objective is to have our graduates return to their countries as world-class physicians.

BMC SCHOOL-BUDAPEST and the University of Debrecen wish you a very prosperous future full of success.


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