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Tuition Fees

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Basic Medicine Course (Premedical Studies)

  • Tuition fee for the Pre-Medical program: 6000 USD Payable by 31 July (for students who need a student visa) By 15 September (for students who do NOT need a student visa).
  • Fee for extra English classes: up to 800 USD (In case the English placement test of the applicant does not meet the minimum required level).
  • Application processing fee: 150 USD. Payable to the representative together with submitting the application.
  • Entrance Examination fee: 150 USD.
  • Payable to the organizer prior to the exam.

Note: The following fees are included in the tuition fee:

  • Registration fee.
  • Health Insurance fee.
  • Medical examination fee.
  • The mid-year examinations.
  • The final examinations.

Tuition fee does not include the cost of textbooks and compulsory auxiliary materials, as well as the accommodation.

Refund Policy

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I. Non Refundable

  • 150 USD application processing fee.
  • 150 USD entrance examination fee.
  • 1000 USD seat reservation fee.
  • Students are not entitled to a refund of the tuition fee if they are obliged to discontinue their studies for academic or disciplinary reasons.

II. Refundable

  • Tuition fee* proportionally to the completed/not completed months. The refund is applicable from the first day of the month after reporting deregistration from the course.
  • The tuition fee is refundable only prior to the half of the course that is 12 weeks. From the amount of the tuition fee 1000 USD is considered as non-refundable seat reservation fee.

* In case of visa-bound students the tuition fee is refundable only if

  • The visa application was rejected – in this case the full amount, including the 1000 USD seat reservation fee is refundable.
  • The visa was revoked by the Hungarian Embassy.
  • The visa application was cancelled during the procedure.
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