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The city is the political, administrative, industrial, and commercial center of Hungary. Once called the “Queen of the Danube,” Budapest has long been the focal point of the nation and a lively cultural center. The city straddles the Danube River in the magnificent natural setting where the hills of western Hungary meet the plains stretching to the east and south. It consists of two parts, Buda and Pest, which are situated on opposite sides of the river and connected by a series of bridges.

The campus of BMC SCHOOL-Budapest is in Budapest’s II District, within easy reach of subway, bus, trolley, and train lines.

All of the courses are taught completely in English.

  • Download and complete the Application Form.
  • Submit your application (via registered mail or e-mail), along with your transcripts and other documents explained in the application checklist. Official transcripts are not initially required for admission; however, they are necessary prior to registration.
  • In case your application is accepted, the applicant will then have to sit for the entrance examination.

Application deadline is June 30. (August 31 for students without visa)

The deadline of application for September intake is the end of June, as you are required to take an entrance examination.

However, to avoid any missed deadlines we strongly encourage prospective students to submit their applications at their earliest convenience.

Yes, the entrance examination is compulsory for everyone applying for the Basic Medicine Course.

The Entrance Examination consists of written tests in Biology, Chemistry and Physics. The written test contains multiple choice and other miscellaneous questions.

You have to pay your seat reservation fee / full tuition fee stated in your Letter of Acceptance. In case you need a visa to enter Hungary you will receive the visa supporting documents (original Letter of Acceptance, visa support letter, health insurance copy) from the BMC SCHOOL-BUDAPEST upon receiving the whole amount of the tuition fee, and you can start arranging your visa. Do not forget to take care of your flight and accommodation.

Tuition fees of the Basic Medicine Course are 6,000 USD/year. For further information please visit the Tuition fee section

Additional fees that apply to all programs:
Application fee: 150 USD
Entrance examination fee: 150 USD

In case you need a visa to enter Hungary the total yearly tuition fee has to be paid until 31 July, if you do not need a visa the payment deadline is 15 September. The BMC SCHOOL-BUDAPEST can furnish you with the visa supporting documents only when the fee has been paid.
Payments are accepted in the form of Bank Transfers. Cheques and cash payments are not accepted. All bank expenses should be paid by the applicant.

You should arrange your accommodation and living in Budapest (phone, bank account etc.) The first school-related duty for you is to be present at the orientation (exact date and time is stated in your Letter of Acceptance). There you will receive all the necessary information and documents regarding the school, including your timetable, information about the Immigration Office and the residence permit, etc.

The fee of the health insurance is part of your tuition fee. You will receive the insurance contrtact along with the visa supporting documents. In case you do not need a visa to enter Hungary we will furnish you with the insurance at the time of your registration.

Our Student Service Centre is at your service with addresses of furnished apartments for rent. Our colleagues will arrange appointments for you to see flats and will accompany you and help you to communicate with the owners. Once you have agreed on the terms with an owner, the contract can be made directly with the owner at our office using our English and Hungarian forms and contracts.

Please do not forget to connect directly to the Hungarian real state agency: Flat Book Real State Agency.
Website: | E-mail: | Tel: +36-70-415-3313
Please contact Brigitta Kozma on Whatsapp at: +36-70-415-3313

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